WordCamp Savannah 2010


Want to be more involved in the first ever Savannah WordCamp? We could use some help getting ready for the event, and during the event. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the times/tasks below, let us know using the contact form at the bottom of the page. Some of the volunteer opps are a dedicated couple of hours, while others can be done while you attend regular sessions as long as you keep an eye on something specific.

Thursday evening: We’ll need a couple of volunteers to help us stuff bags with tshirts and stuff, and to help us set up for Friday.

Friday: We could use a couple of volunteers to hang out in the registration area throughout the day in case of late arrivals, to help replenish coffee as needed and set up lunch, experts to help the newbies if they get lost during the setup workshop, and people to videotape the workshop.

Saturday: We need people throughout the day to help at the registration desk, replenish coffee and set up lunch, videotape sessions, man the audience microphones for Q&A at each session, and run occasional errands.

Same needs as Saturday, plus we need experts to man the genius bar and the update station (help people using old versions of WP update to 3.0). We’ll also need some people to help us clean up when everyone leaves. We *may* need a couple of volunteers that like cats. Maybe. We’ll see.


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