WordCamp Savannah 2010


Want to put a badge in your sidebar saying you’re coming to WordCamp Savannah? We whipped up a few for attendees, speakers, and sponsors. Either save the image to your desktop and upload to your site, or link to the image hosted here. The code you’ll need for the latter is to the right of each image.

I'm attending WordCamp Savannah <a href="https://2010.savannah.wordcamp.org/"><img src="https://2010.savannah.wordcamp.org/files/2010/08/ATTENDEE_BADGE_200.png" alt="I’m attending WordCamp Savannah" width="200" height="197" /></a>
I'm speaking at WordCamp Savannah <a href="https://2010.savannah.wordcamp.org/"><img src="https://2010.savannah.wordcamp.org/files/2010/08/speaker_badge_200.png" alt="I’m attending WordCamp Savannah" width="200" height="198" /></a>
I'm sponsoring WordCamp Savannah <a href="https://2010.savannah.wordcamp.org/"><img src="https://2010.savannah.wordcamp.org/files/2010/08/SPONSOR_BADGE_200.png" alt="I’m attending WordCamp Savannah" width="200" height="198" /></a>

Like the design on the badges? Attendees will also receive stickers they can put on their laptops (or whatever) to show their #wcsav pride. Sticker printing has been generously donated by Sticker Giant.

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